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Water Features

Gardens 2 Glow solar water features harness the power of the sun to run their water pumps. The high-capacity solar panels ensure that the water feature works at its full capacity.

Quick and easy to install with no electrics to connect, just place the solar panel in the sunshine, and get ready to enjoy the peaceful sounds of water in your garden. G2Gs garden water features are modern and lightweight, skilfully manufactured from high quality polyresin.


  • Simple to install.
  • No running costs.
  • No Electrician required.
  • High-capacity solar panels.
  • Efficient and reliable pumps.
  • A Solar mains charger available to power solar panel to work without sunlight.
  • Variety of styles and designs.
Holyrood Solar Water Feature
Kansas Water Feature
Istria Water Feature
Santiago Water Feature
bermuda calming waters water feature
Cascading Pools Water Feature