Upcycle Old Light Bulbs…

Upcycle old light bulbs to make these cute penguin ornaments!


(Image from hellawella.com)

A penguin may not be the first thing that springs to mind when looking at a light bulb, but they are the perfect shape when turned upside down!

Start by making sure the bulb is not damaged on the outside, and that it is clean and dry. Using white acrylic paint and a small paint brush, follow the shape of the light bulb in a smaller ‘8’ shape ensuring the head is thinner than the body. It may take up to 3 coats before it is opaque so be patient!

When the white has dried, paint the black ‘tuxedo’ on the remainder of the bulb, and add the eyes, beak and cheek blush.

Finally, use a hot glue gun to secure ribbon to the top and leave to dry – Then hang your penguin with pride!

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