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Solar lighting’s reputation for being somewhat inadequate is mainly due to certain manufacturers trying to reach a wider audience with inexpensive products. They work on the assumption that the mass customer would not invest in the products technology, hence the products were made cheaply and failed very quickly!

Hopefully faith can be restored with the new range of quality solar lights now coming into the marketplace. We as a company do not prescribe to the philosophy ‘stack them high and sell them cheap’ a marketing plan that is doomed to fail, leaving the customer out of pocket and our reputation tarnished

Our Solar range are well made and represent value for money, and will work all the year round (especially in the UK).

Solar from Gardens 2 Glow

  • Require no Electrician,
  • Simple to install
  • If sighted correctly are maintenance free.
  • Safe,
  • Brighter than ever,
  • Have advanced solar panel charging methods.
Holyrood Solar Water Feature
Chatsworth Water Feature (Solar)
Holyrood Solar Water Feature