UniLED Trojan Box Set


The Trojan Spike is a 1 watt light fitting machined from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. It is perfect for lighting shrubs, small plants and features within your garden. It uses just 1 watt of energy so your electricity bill will not rocket – To put that into perspective you can run 40 of these lights for the same energy as a standard light bulb!

We are now offering the UniLED Trojan as part of a brand new box set, to include the following:
2 x UniLED Trojan fittings with incorporated Y Splitters
1 x 60w Power Supply Unit
1 x 4 Metre Extension Cable
1 x 1 Metre Extension Cable

Available in Amber, Blue, Green, Red, Cool White and Warm White. Please choose from the drop down menu below.

The UniLED Trojan has a 3 year warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: The UniLED Trojan is now inclusive of a Y Splitter, so you do not need to purchase one separately.

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