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UniLED Trident


The UniLED Trident is the latest fitting in our range, and is 3 lights in 1!

Fitting 1 – As a full fitting the UniLED Trident can be used as a spike light, and is perfect for placing in borders for lighting up trees and garden features.

Fitting 2 – Remove the spike fitting and the UniLED Trident turns into a pivot light, perfect for fitting beneath balconies or pergolas to shine down onto plants and pathways.

Fitting 3 – Remove the pivot stirrup and the UniLED Trident becomes an in-ground light, ideal for placing beneath larger trees to produce a wider splash of colour and light.

The Trident is 1.5 Watts and available in a range of colours – Please choose from the drop down menu.

All lights in the UniLED System run off a switch mode power supply unit which is 240v in, 24v dc out. We recommend using the 60 Watt Power Supply Unit With Plug, which can run 40 of these lights. The PSU can either be plugged in indoors with a small hole being drilled to feed the cable outside, or it can be plugged directly into a covered outdoor socket. No electrician is required! The plug & play cables are easy to connect, simply line up the nodules and push together until a click is heard. Your lights are then ready to go!

Further accessories can be added such as a Dusk 2 Dawn sensor so your lights come on when it gets dark and turn off when it gets light. This can add security to your garden by deterring intruders. A Remote Control Link can also be added so you can turn your lights on and off as you please, and X Connectors and Y Splitters connect your lights and allow them to run in different directions.

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