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UniLED Panther 316 Trident


The UniLED Panther Trident is a 2-watt light fitting machined from 316 Machine Grade Stainless Steel and Powder coated black is ideal for path, shrubs, small plants, and garden features consuming only 2 watts it not only looks good but is economical to run.

Fitting 1 – As a full fitting the UniLED Trident can be used as a spike light and is perfect for placing in borders for lighting up small trees and garden features.

Fitting 2 – Remove the spike fitting and the UniLED Trident turns into a pivot light, perfect for fitting beneath balconies or pergolas to shine down onto plants and pathways.

Fitting 3 – Remove the pivot stirrup and the UniLED Trident becomes an in-ground light, ideal for placing in decking, Pavers, or roof/ceilings This light is designed and manufactured to such a high standard that we have given the body a lifetime guarantee, The LED has a two-year warranty and can be returned, to be replaced and if required upgraded.

The UniLED Panther 316 Trojan Spike is a 2-watt light fitting.

Comes with in line Y connector fitted for easy linkage.

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