£6.00 extra if Y Connector is required

UniLED i-LED 3 Watt


The UniLED i-LED 3 watt fitting is ideal for lighting domestic landscape projects. It can be wall mounted and is perfect for use within steps and walls as a downlight. It also looks fantastic on fence posts to illuminate plants and borders. All lights in the UniLED System run off a switch mode power supply unit which is 240v in, 24v dc out. We recommend using the 60 Watt Power Supply Unit With Plug, which can run 20 of these lights. The PSU can either be plugged in indoors with a small hole being drilled to feed the cable outside, or it can be plugged directly into a covered outdoor socket. No electrician is required! The plug & play cables are easy to connect, simply line up the nodules and push together until a click is heard. Your lights are then ready to go!