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UniLED Panther 24 Volt Lighting System

A new era in garden lighting has arrived, channel your inner artist, paint a picture in light.

  • 24 Volt System – Ensuring there are no voltage drop issues
  • Easy Plug and Play connections – No electrician is required
  • IP67 rated Sure Seal connectors
  • Inexpensive to run
  • Versatile and easy to add on to – Add more lights if and when required
  • Maintenance free
UniLED Panther Pinto Spike Light Gardens 2 Glow
UniLED Panther 60 and 100 Watt Remote Control Link Gardens 2 Glow
UniLED Panther Velos Spike Light 1 Gardens 2 Glow
UniLED Panther Up Down Wall Light Gardens 2 Glow
Post light Gardens 2 Glow
UniLED Panther Velos Spike Light 1 Gardens 2 Glow

Now more than ever, outdoor spaces are becoming extensions of our homes. Global warming is changing our seasons, allowing us to spend more time in our gardens to eat, drink and socialise. When days get shorter and nights get longer, embrace the autumnal evenings and utilize light to enhance the ever-present beauty of nature.

The UniLED Panther allows you to design and fit your own garden lights safely, providing the ability to experiment and create an ambiance that suits your own personal requirements.

UniLED Panther Garden Lighting System 3 Gardens 2 Glow
UniLED Panther Lighting 5 Gardens 2 Glow

UniLED’s simple installation has branded it as possibly the easiest lighting system in the world to fit, with no electrician or hardwiring required.

This low voltage lighting system is safe, powerful, and efficient – perfect for a DIY project.

Wave goodbye to the inadequacy of a 12V system and embrace the power of a 24V UniLed System. Become both the designer and the architect with the most innovative system on the market.

When day turns to night, the UniLED Panther allows you to create dramatic effects using light.

So, what does Panther offer?

Lamp Flip Gardens2Glow

Power supplies are 100 Watts as standard allowing for the ever need for bigger projects up to 80 metres from the power supply.

All power supplies will come sealed and with a moulded 13-amp plug attached. More and more people are purchasing, installing this system due to its simplicity and fantastic results.

Remote control and Dusk 2 Dawn units will be sealed and tamper proof and are even easier to fit.

The Panther Deck Lights are available with a black square body and are manufactured in Cool or Warm White or Blue.

A simple link is now available to allow the connections of most lights making them UniLed compatible.

About UniLED

UniLED™ is the market leading brand for advanced LED lighting products, and over the years has gained an enviable reputation throughout the world for delivering quality cost effective solutions to small, medium and large lighting projects in the Commercial and Domestic marketplaces.

Smart Controlled Lighting

Make life even easier with our Remote Control link. You can now operate your garden lights from indoors. Bringing ease to your every day life, and impressing the neighbours!

The UniLED Remote Control Link can be installed to switch your lights on and off via a key fob style remote control. This will work up to 20 metres away across open ground with no additional wiring required.

UniLED Smart Controlled Lighting Gardens 2 Glow