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Lighting Effects & Techniques

Modern lighting can serve a multitude of purposes at home. Your outdoor lights can obviously boost your curb appeal and enhance the aesthetic value of your home. They may also serve practical functions and keep your family safe at night as lighting is a form of security.

If you are considering installing new lighting on your property there are multiple techniques available to create the effect you want, shedding light on plants, buildings and drives to add a finishing touch to the outside of your home.

Deck & Patio Lighting

Add a touch of elegance and style to your garden by brightening your outdoor space including decking, patio’s, outdoor eating areas, gazebo’s, steps, handrails and other features.

Path & Spread Lighting

Illuminate your pathways and lawns with recessed ground lights to boulders. Spread lighting uses a path light inside a landscape bed to illuminate the plants.

Xeriscape Lighting

Cacti, grasses and stone used in xeriscape designs can benefit from lower lumen illumination than traditional landscaping.

Wall-Wash Lighting

Wall washing subtly illuminates a vertical surface with uniform brightness drawing attention to the wall and features.

In Ground Lighting

Ground lights are a modern way to enhance and illuminate an outside space, adding ambience to a garden, path and large mature trees as well as practicality at night.


Wall grazing lighting accentuates textured, vertical surfaces such as brick, stonework or other architectural features exaggerating their shadows. The play between light and shadow dramatises the look of the wall.


This involves placing lights behind an object on your property, so it becomes a shadowy outline. For example, you could place lights behind sculptures or plant beds adding depth and ambience.

Silhouette Lighting

Draw attention to an interesting shape by lighting a vertical surface behind the object to accent that unique shape.

Hardscape Lighting

Highlight features in your garden such as stone features, walls, outdoor eating areas, seating, steps, handrails and the like.

Mirror Lighting

Create dream-like water scenes by strategically lighting background areas around bodies of water that then reflect the landscape off the water.

Underwater Lighting

Combine lighting and water for stunning reflections and shimmering light effects in pools, ponds, waterfalls and fountains.

Moon Lighting

Moonlighting is a lighting technique that emits a soft glow to mimic the moon’s natural light. This is achieved by mounting fixtures high in nearby trees catching the details of branches and leaves.