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Here we answer the most popular questions we receive about our systems

The following tips are key to remember when installing the UniLED lights for garden and landscape projects: DO NOT bury any part of the power supply. The outdoor units need to be fitted above ground level at a minimum of 500mm, above the flood plane (if applicable) and with the glands facing down. The indoor units must only be used indoors. An end cap is fitted to all power supplies – this needs to be removed and fitted to the open end of the last light. All UniLED lighting, controls and accessories use mini Sure Seal connectors. DO NOT remove these connectors as your warranty will be void. Ensure you connect the sure seals correctly. Firstly, check the pins, then align the nibs and gently push together. A small thud will indicate a good connection. When laying out your cables, ensure you avoid any sharp corners. DO NOT leave the wires exposed if you are aware of rodents being present as they will chew through the cables. When installing the lighting into pavers , DO NOT cement the cables or lights in place. We recommend you use short cables to enable access to the lights at all times.

By using 24Volt lights, it means NO hardwiring is required which immediately reduces the cost of lighting your garden. The lights can also be installed well over 50 metres with NO voltage drop issues – which are inherent in 12Volt circuits.

The UniLED 24Volt system is designed to maximise the distance from the power supply to the last light. We recommend you DO NOT exceed 80 metres per run.

More lights can easily be added, although you may need to upgrade your power supply. Each light is given a value in units. Each power supply can run a certain number of units. Simply work out the unit total of the lights you would like to add – this will tell you which power supply you require.

Most UniLED products are covered by a 5 year warranty. The Colossus light fitting is covered for 3 years on the LED and 10 years on the stainless steel body. The UniLED compatible range is guaranteed for 2 years. Proof of purchase will be required to validate any claim.n Content

The UniLED Deck lights and Dart lights are sealed units – should any of the LED’s fail in the lights, a replacement would need to be purchased. On the larger lights we offer a factory re fit service, just contact us for more details.

It has a similar range to a car key fob. Subject to the line of sight, the fob will normally work up to 15 metres.

Problems with the UniLED light are usually solved quite easily. The most common issue is to have lights which are pulsing or flickering. This is normally an indication there is a fault somewhere within the system. To ascertain where the problem is occurring you would need to disconnect the lights from the power supply and if possible, connect only one light. If the light continues to pulse, there is a fault on the power supply and it should be returned to your distributor for testing. If the light works correctly, this means there is a problem within the system. Check that each light has all LED’s working. Also check all sure seal connections are aligned correctly.