Garden Lighting Tips

IF you are considering lighting your garden now that the nights are longer, it is important to remember that a little light goes a long way once it’s dark. Garden lighting should be used sparingly and remember that some areas of darkness can be used to your advantage, such as concealing untidy areas etc. Decide what the key features of your garden are and the areas you want to light, and focus on these.

FLEXIBILITY is key when choosing your garden lighting, and there are many types of fittings available to suit all aspects. Spike fittings such as the Trojan and Colossus are ideal as they can easily be moved to suit the layout of your garden, and are a great way to highlight small trees, foliage and architecture. Flood lights such as the Belfast are also a good choice for bigger gardens and can be used to illuminate larger trees.

Spike Light Trojan


SAFETY is also an important factor when lighting any garden, which is why our deck lights are the perfect solution! They can be used in driveways, stairs and paths to provide illumination to high-traffic areas whilst also creating a balanced atmosphere throughout, and can also be used in the sides of stairways and walls for further safety. Machined from 318 Marine Grade Stainless Steel they can be driven over, stood on and even fully submerged within water features to create truly stunning effects.

Deck Lights


FINALLY, if you have walls in your garden it is important that the compliment the rest of your garden lighting. Lanterns such as the Black Victorian are a lovely way to create a soft ambience, or alternatively you can use uplights such as the Delta to create a more dramatic effect.

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