Christmas Lighting Tips

Not sure where to begin with your lights this year? Here are some Christmas Lighting Tips to get you started…

Buy outdoor lights! It is important to use proper outdoor lights when lighting your home and garden this Christmas. Indoor lights aren’t sufficiently insulated or waterproof. We offer a fantastic range of fairy lights, net lights and more which run in an easy plug and play system and are fully suitable for use outside.

Be courteous! Let your neighbours know what you’re planning – especially if you are hoping to rival Blackpool Illuminations! Let them know what time the lights will be switched on and off.

Use appropriate sockets! It is best to use outdoor power points rather than trailing wires indoors via doors and windows. Try and keep high traffic areas clear though, as cables can cause a trip hazard (especially after a few sherries!)

Use light nets! Instead of spending hours trying to weave fairy lights through a mass of leaves and branches, simply drape a light net over bushes and trees to create a stunning effect with perfectly placed LEDs and allow your guests to marvel at the ‘hours of work’ spent on such a fantastic display! You can purchase a light net from either of our stores at Earlswood Garden & Landscape Centre or De Beers Craft and Garden Centre.

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Christmas Fairy Lights

image courtesy of Pixabay