Autumn Wildlife

Autumn is truly in swing now with the dark nights approaching and red and gold leaves starting to fall from the trees, and you are probably beginning to think about tidying up your garden – Chopping stems, sweeping up the leaves, burning the logs and piling everything into the compost. But have you thought about the winter wildlife? The hedgehogs, bumble bees, frogs and creepy crawlies? Whether you love them or hate them you can’t deny you are sharing your home with nature and many of these animals like to snuggle down in winter beneath fallen leaves and log piles.

Now we understand that a garden is your personal kingdom and for those of you who prefer to tend a perfectly manicured plot, fear not! Any debris can be confined to a corner out of sight where it can still benefit insects and mammals – It is possible to be tidy and still care for your wildlife. It is also a great excuse to drag the children away from the XBOX and iPad to get outside and get messy! You can make fabulous bug hotels from pallets, bricks, twigs, cardboard cartons and much more to attract ladybirds, beetles, frogs, bees and even hedgehogs.

So just keep in mind this Autumn – One man’s trash is another man’s (or animal’s) treasure!

Click HERE to find out how to build your own bug hotel.