Turkish Swan Neck Lamp – Christmas Offer


Our beautiful Turkish Swan Neck Lamp creates a vintage feel within your home and adds a traditional touch of eastern beauty by displaying vivid, glittering colours. The patterns made by the coloured glass and beads represent Turkeys pride and power, blended with the flamboyant nature of their culture.

For the Christmas period we are offering our beautiful Size 1 Swan Neck Lamp in the Multi Diamond pattern, which is available fully gift wrapped and complete with a bulb to make the perfect present for a loved one. Each light is carefully packed in shavings, wrapped in subtle gift paper and finished with decorative tape.

If you would like to purchase the Table Lamp too, we can offer both lamps combined for just £50.00! Please choose the option from the drop down menu. You can view the Table Lamp HERE.

(Kindly note if you order both lamps, they will be combined for postage and will not be gift wrapped).

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